What can you do in a minute?  You can reply to an email, empty a trash can, check your calendar, toss your junk mail, put your bag by the door so it’s ready to go at 5pm, and add a few things to your “to do” list.

Or, you can Win It In A Minute . . . a fast-paced, high-stakes competition, consisting of a succession of exciting activities, right at your team’s station.  Completed at individual team tables, this event uses common household supplies, along with participants’ wit, dexterity, speed, and sometimes even good-old chance.  Each and every member of the team is integral to the success of winning the challenges, and ultimately, the gold medals.

Win It In A Minute starts off with an ice-breaker or two, so that players begin to interact with each other, and to perpetuate the game frame of mind.  After teams are formed, the competition begins.  Participants are armed with the necessary supplies, a complete demonstration of each challenge, and a practice session or two, before energy, laughter, and enthusiasm explode as teams go head to head in a race against each other, and the clock.

Examples of challenges may include: Bingo Pong – strategically bouncing ping pong balls into small receptacles; Chopstix Master – a challenge using chopsticks that’s full of gusto; Quick Shuffle – a test for teams to organize a shuffled deck of playing cards into a particular order; and many more!

The event, by its very nature, fosters full participant engagement, a competitive spirit, and a quest for “kaizen” (the art of continuous improvement), as teams attempt to outmaneuver each other to achieve the highest score.  Some of the logistical highlights of Win It In A Minute are that the event can be executed in almost any location or setting; it is equally successful as its own, independent event, or as an “add-on” to a corporate or social event; it's ideal for any time of day . . . morning, noon, or night.

Good Will Option:  This event may also be presented as an event for charity, where participants build care packages for sick patients.  How does it work?  Three of our Win It In A Minute challenges are demonstrated.  Then, teams compete in one of our neck-and-neck challenges.  As teams successfully complete the challenge, they earn half of their care package materials, putting together half of the packages.  Completing this earns them their Win It In A Minute challenge supplies, allowing them practice time before the big face off.  Whether it’s patients battling cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, children, or a group of your choosing, our Win It In A Minute For Charity is a heart-felt competition that will have your group trying to “do good” faster, bigger, and better than the others.

We encourage our clients to focus on an “awareness” that takes place in each month, such as . . .

September:  Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
October:         National Breast Cancer Awareness
November:    National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month in November

. . . if applicable, but the ultimate decision up to you.

To ensure an outstanding experience, aspects of this event may be modified to maximize the benefits for your group size, makeup, available time, and other variables. 

Wild Rooster Events prides itself on being a “one-stop shop” for your corporate events and team building needs.  Not only do we produce top-notch events, led by our outstanding team of lead facilitators, but we provide the accessories to customize those events.  Whether you’re looking for t-shirts, caps, customized bandanas, or something entirely different, for a nominal fee, we are able to take care of the logistics, ordering, and delivery of promotional products to enhance and customize your experience.

  • Event Length:  2 hours
  • Event Space/Area:  20 square feet per person (25 square feet for the good will option)
  • Event Setting:  inside or outside (in a protected, covered area)

Download FAQs & answers HERE.
Download "charity version" FAQs & answers HERE.