Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of beer . . . no, this is NOT your grandfather’s “drinking game.”  Our Wild Pub Chase is the envy of all pub crawls.  Our high-tech libation exploration will find your competitors facing a myriad of physical challenges, mind benders, and group tests, all with a wild flair. 

Armed with nothing but an iPad®, a food & beverage budget, and a quench for victory, your contenders will locate a variety of local watering holes ranging from inns, to pubs, to lounges, to breweries, to wine bars, to . . . well, the possibility cup overfloweth.  Throughout their journey, using BridgeTheApp, our proprietary app, designed for use on the Apple® iPad®, your explorers are tasked with a series of photo, video, and trivia challenges.  Through the use of text messaging, social media interactions, GPS, and a multitude of additional interactive features, our easy-to-use, icon-driven interface is the stuff of technological advancement.

As they traverse toward the finish line, teams will stumble upon exciting points of interest; encounter challenge stations where their intellect, endurance, and determination are all tested; find themselves challenging master mixologists; create new and original aperitifs; and discover the bonds that are formed, during a team’s quest for excellence. 

Don’t worry . . . it’s not all work and no play.  Our challenges are designed to be fun and entertaining . . . after all, it’s always five o’clock somewhere! Sampling a smorgasbord of cocktails is part of the fun . . . and because Wild Rooster Events promotes responsible and safe consumption, tastings are always “sample size.” 

And you guessed it . . . this palate-pleasing pub pursuit awards the winning team the “golden goblet” at the final awards ceremony! 

As with all of our Wild Rooster Chases, at the conclusion of the hunt, should your group convene at a shared location capable of meeting our audio/visual needs, we are able to showcase your participants’ energy and vitality, by presenting a montage of the photos and videos taken throughout their pursuits.  This exciting presentation showcases the hilarity and intensity of the day’s trials and tribulations, all within a collegial camaraderie. 

And, shortly after your event, your inbox will contain a link to a web page where all of the photos and videos, captured by your participants, will be available for viewing and download. 

Wild Rooster Event’s Wild Pub Chase is THE pub crawl that is paramount to all others! 

To ensure an outstanding experience, aspects of this event may be modified to maximize the benefits for your group size, makeup, available time, and other variables. 

Wild Rooster Events prides itself on being a “one-stop shop” for your corporate events and team building needs.  Not only do we produce top-notch events, led by our outstanding team of lead facilitators, but we provide the accessories to customize those events.  Whether you’re looking for t-shirts, caps, customized bandanas, or something entirely different, for a nominal fee, we are able to take care of the logistics, ordering, and delivery of promotional products to enhance and customize your experience.

  • Event Length:  2 to 2.5 hours

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