Santa’s Toy Shoppe . . . where childhood wishes are made.  This unique event challenges participants to design, build, and decorate a toy shoppe front of which even Santa Claus would approve!  Armed with minimal supplies and a whole lot of creativity, you’ll see the North Pole come to life as teams construct their shoppe facades.  At the same time, participants earn points by completing original challenges on BridgeTheApp™, our proprietary game app, on Apple iPads®, and use those points to purchase (and assemble) toys to fill their shoppes.  Ultimately, all of the toys are donated to a local charity, to put bright smiles on underprivileged children’s faces.  So make your list, and check it twice, because Santa Claus is coming to town!

Before your group is broken into teams, you will participate in an ice-breaking activity (or two) to get the energy and excitement flowing.  After that, teams are created, and the challenge is presented . . . create the facade of a toy shoppe, and fill that shoppe with toys to be donated to underprivileged children.

Using iPads®, which host our proprietary game app, Bridge The App, teams achieve certain point benchmarks by completing various physical and mental challenges, which earn them the toys they need to assemble and subsequently stock their toy shoppe.

In addition to designing and building the shoppe-front, teams are tasked with creating a shoppe name, designing a shoppe logo, and preparing a commercial, to be performed in public, which includes facts on the shoppe and its toys, history, and participants.

The holiday spirit flows aplenty, and your little elves work their magic, all while creating camaraderie and building stronger relations amongst themselves.

As with all BridgeTheApp™-powered events, shortly after its conclusion, your inbox will contain a link to a web page where all of the photos and videos, captured by your participants, will be available for viewing and download.

To ensure an outstanding experience, aspects of this event may be modified to maximize the benefits for your group size, makeup, available time, and other variables.

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  • Event Length:  2 to 2.5 hours
  • Event Space/Area:  20 square feet per person in a flat, open area
  • Event Setting:  inside

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