Ignite your engines and get ready for life in the fast lane!

The excitement of our Race Car Rally begins when your participants enter the competition space and see groupings of cardboard sheets, construction paper, packing tape, scissors, box cutters, work gloves, and other supplies utilized during the competition.

After all participants have convened in the space, the event begins with large group ice breakers, ensuring that everyone's competitive spirit is raised.  After a brief overview of the program, each team, whether pre-formed, or randomly selected by our professional facilitators, starts its race against the clock in an attempt to out design, out build, and out smart its competitors.

Using only cardboard and duct tape as the primary building materials, each team is challenged with building a race car worthy of NASCAR.  No race car is complete until it’s decked-out with advertising by its sponsor.  This program is no exception.  Guided by a team captain, teams work together, utilizing each member’s strengths to best benefit the team.  At the same time, participants earn points by completing original race car- themed challenges on BridgeTheApp™, our proprietary game app, on Apple iPads®.

In addition to each team building its own vehicle, groups must work together creating a collaborative "stadium" or "race track" with street signs, lampposts, and unique artwork that reflects the coverall company and its industry.

While teams receive a specific set of tools, materials, and basic guidelines, step-by-step instructions are absent.  This allows for creativity and organic cooperation to flow freely amongst team members.

Sticking to a given deadline, teams must present their final truck, along with a short, live "marketing campaign" that "sells" the judges on their vehicles.  Scored on a variety of criteria including iPad challenge points, the car's design and decor, the marketing campaign, and "pit cleanliness," among others, teams attempt to impress the judges beyond their competitors, vying for, and ultimately winning, the gold medals.

To ensure an outstanding experience, aspects of this event may be modified to maximize the benefits for your group size, makeup, available time, and other variables.

Our team building professional pride themselves on being a “one-stop shop” for your corporate events and team building needs.  Not only do we produce top-notch events, led by our outstanding team of lead facilitators, but we provide the accessories to customize those events.  Whether you’re looking for t-shirts, caps, customized bandanas, or something entirely different, for a nominal fee, we are able to take care of the logistics, ordering, and delivery of promotional products to enhance and customize your experience.

  • Event Length:  2 hours
  • Event Space/Area:  30 square feet per person in a flat, open area
  • Event Setting:  inside

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