OPERATION DMC (Deployment Memory Capsule)

As a parent looking back on your youth, it's hard to imagine the intellectual development and emotional ups and downs you went through all those years ago, and for a child these tumultuous and formative years may quickly become a distant memory.

Now imagine what that is like for a military family, when one or sometimes even both parents get deployed for any length of time. Not only do the children and spouses of the deployed service member/s want to share what’s happening on a daily basis, but the fathers and/or mothers who are deployed also want a detailed snapshot of what they missed while they were away. Emails, texts, and FaceTime calls only capture so much and that is why we came up with our Operation DMC(Deployment Memory Capsule) event. What better way to preserve your memories than a time capsule, which will be opened upon the return of the brave men and women who so selflessly preserve our freedom. This fun, engaging, rewarding, and memorable experience will have the entire family excited to come home each day and add artwork, sticky notes, sports memorabilia, letters, and whatever else they desire to their DMC.

Operation DMC (Deployment Memory Capsule) is our way of helping you salute the brave men and women of our Armed Forces and the families of those that serve, and these time capsules will help ensure that all family memories are preserved and can be enjoyed by the entire family at the end of each deployment.

Examples of what may be placed inside:

● Research papers and school projects

● Art projects and multimedia (that band demo tape, those photo negatives, etc)

● Teacher-written feedback

● Letters and postcards sent between friends, and notes passed during class (you know it's happened)

● Favorite photos of friends and more-than-friends

● Souvenirs from trips and fun events, such as ticket stubs, seashells, etc.

● A favorite shirt or piece of jewelry

● Journals, if they are prepared to part with them

● Favorite music

● Favorite item from his/her bedroom, such as a poster

● Picture of themselves

After units are formed and your participants fall in line, each platoon is tasked with completing photo, video, and trivia challenges using our proprietary iPad® app, BridgeTheApp™, in order to earn the supplies needed to build their DMC(Deployment Memory Capsule). In addition to building the DMC, each team will also decorate and stock their memory capsule full of art supplies, sticky notes, pens, pencils, markers, and a variety of other things that each recipient family can choose from in order to customize their We work closely with organizations that deliver these deployment memory capsules, and the contents include items that have been specifically requested by these organizations. The finishing touch are handwritten notes from your team members to the recipients expressing your gratitude for their service.

In addition to building these DMCs, teams are challenged to create an original “chant” or “slogan” that identifies each team’s personality, spirit, and enthusiasm.

Upon completion of the operation, the group and the assembled DMCs are lined up for an amazing photo op and a formal presentation to the charity.

Wild Rooster Events has amazing partnerships with a variety of non-profit organizations whose missions are to assist and serve active military personnel, their families, and veterans. Your DMCs will be delivered to our brave men and women in the United States military, National Guard, and veterans. In addition, we do our very best to have a representative from the charity, as well as military personnel or veterans attend your event, to personally receive your donation.

Patriotism and pride adorn the hearts and faces of your participants at the end of this truly inspiring event and it all culminates with a parade to the “tanks,” where your participants hand off their DMCs to members of the military and/or veterans.

To ensure an outstanding experience, aspects of this event may be modified to maximize the benefits for your group size, makeup, available time, and other variables.

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Event Length: 1-2 hours

Event Space/Area: 50 square feet per person in a flat, open, indoor area(this is flexible)

Event Setting: inside

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