No Hero Left Behind is our way of helping you salute America’s bravest. 

After units are formed and your participants fall in line, each platoon is tasked with completing trivia, photo, and video challenges, using BridgeTheApp™, our proprietary game app, on iPads®, in order to earn the supplies needed, to fill each care package.  We work closely with organizations that deliver these packages, and contents include items that have been specifically requested by overseas military personnel, as well as veterans back home.  The finishing touch is a hand-written note, from your team members to the recipient, that is carefully slipped into each box before sealing. 

In addition to building care packages, teams are challenged to create an original “chant” or “slogan” that identifies each team’s personality, spirit, and enthusiasm. 

If your group is large enough, the assembled care packages are stacked to create a giant American flag, perfect for photo ops and formal presentation to the charity. 

Wild Rooster Events has amazing partnerships with a variety of non-profit organizations whose missions are to assist and serve active military personnel, their families, and veterans.  Your care packages will be delivered to our brave men and women in the United States military, national guard, and veterans.  And, we do our very best to have a representative from the charity, as well as military personnel or veterans, attend your event, to personally receive your donation. 

The event culminates with a parade to the “tanks,” where your participants hand off their care packages to members of the military and/or veterans. 

Patriotism and pride adorn the hearts and faces of your participants at the end of this truly inspiring event. 

As with all BridgeTheApp™-powered events, shortly after its conclusion, your inbox will contain a link to a web page where all of the photos and videos, captured by your participants, will be available for viewing and download.

To ensure an outstanding experience, aspects of this event may be modified to maximize the benefits for your group size, makeup, available time, and other variables. 

Wild Rooster Events prides itself on being a “one-stop shop” for your corporate events and team building needs.  Not only do we produce top-notch events, led by our outstanding team of lead facilitators, but we provide the accessories to customize those events.  Whether you’re looking for t-shirts, caps, customized bandanas, or something entirely different, for a nominal fee, we are able to take care of the logistics, ordering, and delivery of promotional products to enhance and customize your experience. 

  • Event Length:  2 hours
  • Event Space/Area:  20 square feet per person in an open room
  • Event Setting:  inside

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