WHEELS THAT HEAL  (iPad® event)

Our exciting Wheels That Heal event is more than just a “wheelchair build.”  It’s the opportunity to give back to America’s finest . . . those who protect and serve, but often sacrifice more than just their time.  If it’s not our brave men and women in uniform who benefit, it’s other worthy individuals, in need of mobility assistance. 

The program begins with the formation of teams, followed by an exciting ice-breaking activity, and the selection of team captains.  As team pride swells, the competition begins.  Teams are armed with iPads®, and using BridgeTheApp™, our proprietary game app, complete various physical and mental challenges, whereby they achieve points.  As benchmarks are met, teams “trade in” their points for the supplies they need to put together brand-new wheelchairs. 




WILL TO WHEEL  (iPad® event)

Bike building programs are one of the all-time most popular charitable programs in the world of team building.  The satisfaction participants receive, knowing that their hard work will benefit underserved children, is one of the greatest feelings they claim to experience.  Using iPads®, which host our proprietary game app, teams achieve certain point benchmarks, by completing various physical and mental challenges, which earn them the supplies they need to put together brand-new bikes.  No program is complete without a proper presentation . . . and ours contains several . . . from your participants to the recipients. It’s a high-energy, don’t miss, feel good funfest for all!



Look out, iron chefs!  A good old-fashioned competition, built around the excitement of entrepreneurship and culinary excellence, Restaurant Row is the tastiest face-off imaginable, akin to the hottest programs on The Food Network.  After teams choose their restaurant cuisine, they are challenged with the tasks of crafting a restaurant name, designing a unique logo, and creating an original marketing presentation. In addition, these restaurateurs construct a façade of their establishment, made of cardboard, duct tape, and a variety of aesthetic provisions for décor.  The final step: a “progressive dinner” where participants sample their hand-crafted delectable delights.



What can you do in a minute?  You can reply to an email, empty a trash can, check your calendar, toss your junk mail, put your bag by the door so it’s ready to go at 5pm, and add a few things to your “to do” list.  Or, you can Win It In A Minute . . . a fast-paced, high-stakes competition, consisting of a succession of exciting activities, right at your team’s station.  Completed at individual team tables, this event uses common household supplies, along with participants’ wit, dexterity, speed, and sometimes even good-old chance.  Each and every member of the team is integral to the success of winning the challenges, and ultimately, the gold medals.


NO HERO LEFT BEHIND  (iPad® event)

Ten hut!  Your mission today is to bring a smile to the face of an all-American hero!  Using our proprietary app, on iPads, each platoon is tasked with completing trivia, photo, and video challenges, in order to earn the supplies needed, to create care packages for our brave men and women, serving overseas, as well as veterans back home.  Using the assembled care packages, full of goodies for our hometown heroes, a giant American flag is created for photo ops and presentation to a local military organization, that serves America’s finest.  The event culminates with a parade to the tanks, where your participants hand off their care packages to members of the military and/or veterans.



Fast Break:  A Lesson In Competition & Collaboration is our unique professional development event, designed to showcase the power of high-performance teamwork.  Led by one of our professional facilitators, participants complete a variety of challenges, utilizing different skill sets and identifying strengths and areas of improvement.  Participants are encouraged to take all of the discoveries uncovered and discussed during the event back to their workplace, for a more collaborative work environment and a higher level of productivity and efficiency.



Whether your group is looking for a team building event to break up a long day of meetings, or an after-dinner entertainment, Name That Tune is a high-energy live game show, sure to entertain everyone from your wildest rock n’ roller, to your tone-deaf shower singers.  As two teams compete, side-by-side, in an attempt to crush their opponents, audience members cheer on their favorite contestants.  Using everything from Beethoven to Billie Holiday, Name That Tune is the perfect team builder to establish camaraderie, promote collaboration, and raise your employees’ energy after an exhausting workday, or a special company event.