Fast Break:  A Lesson In Competition & Collaboration is our unique professional development program, designed to showcase the power of high-performance teamwork.  Led by one of our professional facilitators, participants complete a variety of challenges, utilizing different skill sets and identifying strengths and areas of improvement.  Participants are encouraged to take all of the discoveries uncovered and discussed during the program back to their workplace, for a more collaborative work environment and a higher level of productivity and efficiency.

As the event commences, participants are divided into teams and are sent to their respective "benches."  Each team then selects a team captain and creates a unique team name, and team cheer/chant to be performed live, later in the program.

After a series of commonality conversations and challenges designed to build trust & camaraderie within each individual team, your entire group will be presented with a new challenge.  Assuming that they will be completing this new challenge as members of their existing teams, we throw a wrench in the works by mixing up and creating new teams, using our unique numerical system.  With no verbal communication, practice, or time to strategize, this new challenge proves difficult to achieve.  After scoring, the process is repeated with a new challenge, after which, players return to their original teams for additional challenges and evaluation.

Following the challenge portion of the program, our professional facilitator will lead your  group in a debrief discussion, and identify how several notions and elements affected their performance.  A sampling of discussion points include:

  • Time restraints
  • Interaction
  • Switching of team members
  • Competition vs. collaboration
  • Constant distribution of new challenges

And of course, participants are armed with “take aways” for continued success in their professional and personal lives.

To ensure an outstanding experience, aspects of this event may be modified to maximize the benefits for your group size, makeup, available time, and other variables.

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  • Event Length:  2 – 2.5 hours
  • Event Space/Area:  20 square feet per person
  • Event Setting:  inside/outside

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