Themed around America’s favorite pastime, Field of Dreams is a combination of exciting baseball-themed field games and challenges, and an all-American cookout.  Participants work as a team through a variety of baseball themed challenges in an attempt to shut out their competitors, and earn the most points on the scoreboard.  After the final inning, it’s time to enjoy the grilled goodies & all the fixins before awarding the gold medals to deserving World Series Champs.


NO HERO LEFT BEHIND  (iPad® event)

Ten hut!  Your mission today is to bring a smile to the face of an all-American hero!  Using our proprietary app, on iPads, each platoon is tasked with completing trivia, photo, and video challenges, in order to earn the supplies needed, to create care packages for our brave men and women, serving overseas, as well as veterans back home.  Using the assembled care packages, full of goodies for our hometown heroes, a giant American flag is created for photo ops and presentation to a local military organization, that serves America’s finest.  The event culminates with a parade to the tanks, where your participants hand off their care packages to members of the military and/or veterans.


PARS & STRIPES  (with or without iPads®)

Fore!  Lookout Tiger Woods . . . there are some hot new golfers on your tail.  Whether your participants are professional golfers with no handicaps, or those who just like to have a good time at a miniature golf course, this event is sure to be a hole in one.  Armed with limited materials, canned food items, compassion, and creativity, each team designs and builds its own hole of mini golf, with a unique American theme.  After the course is completely built, teams play a shotgun tournament, as they vie for the gold medals.  As the scores are tallied, the course is deconstructed, and the canned goods are boxed up and presented to a local food bank or shelter.  Patriotism, cooperation, and goodwill all permeate the grounds in this fun-filled event for a worthy cause.



We want you!  That’s right!  Uncle Sam said it!  It’s time for your team to enlist in the most exciting Special Forces event this side of the shores of Tripoli.  Patriot Games isn’t a mishmash of just any old missions . . . our event is designed with challenges that are a bit out of the ordinary, and all have a patriotic flare.  Our brand-new challenges, built around the branches of the United States armed forces, and some of the most beloved sports played in America, are sure to have your participants exploding like fireworks on the 4th of July.  Concluding with gold, silver, and bronze medals at the final awards ceremony, participants feel like professional contenders, having successfully stormed the shores of Normandy, in our flag-waving salute to competition and countrymen!



Whether it’s the middle of the NFL season, or the middle of July, our Souper Bowl Funday is a guaranteed touchdown!  Combining the fun of competition, cooking, and game-day excitement, this event is sure to have the folks that just watch the Super Bowl for the commercials running alongside the most diehard football fans.  Challenged with a variety of themed activities, coupled with some simple, yet extremely tasty cooking, participants find themselves on the “field of fun,” talking smack and ready to crush their opponents in an all-out championship of wit, creativity, and culinary excellence.